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Information when ordering

First some general information


Chassis are built first in first out. All orders are put on a list in  the order i recieve them.

Check the build schedule for estimated build dates.

  • Postage

    Postage is included to US.

    Out of Country is Going Rate for USPS First class Parcel

  • Warranty

    All of my chassis are covered for life. If the unit is damaged and needs repair, return it with 5 Dollars for postage and I will repair it free.

  • Returns /Refunds

    As all of my chassis are made to order I offer no refunds or exchanges

    I will however discuss any issues you may have about your build.and see if we cant come to a solution..

  1.  All of my chassis' are built to IRRA  specs.


  3. I  build Can-Am and Coupe chassis' to .9 guide lead and 3 15/16 Wheelbase, F1 1" x 4" , Stock Car .75" x 4.5" 


  5. Longer chassis' are easier to drive and more forgiving but a bit slower in turns, Shorter chassis' are faster but require more precious driving especialy in turns. 


  7. I do alot of special building and design for folks so if you have any ideas or changes please drop me a line and lets see what we can come up with.


  9.  If your not sure what chassis works best on your tracks just drop me a line. I have drivers that can     assist us in what might work for you.


  11. All chassis" are built with RGEO Non-Hypoid motor brackets. for best performance use Non Angled pinions.

      Any questions drop me a line.. BEST REGARDS JJ

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